Principles and Objectives

In the spirit of equality and mutual respect, the IFSPD aims at promoting dialogue, mutual understanding, people diplomacy, values of multiculturalism, analysis of challenges and threats to regional and international security, contributing to international efforts in prevention and settlement of conflicts, development of cooperation in the sphere of democratization, justice and human rights, economy, scientific research, education, culture and environment, development of competence, human resource development, poverty reduction, fight against terrorism, organized crime, illegal drug trafficking and fight against addictions.

According to the current legal provisions and the present Charter, the IFSPD’s objectives are:


To support the effective efforts of the United Nations, the European Union, the Council of Europe, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, BSEC, GUAM and other influential and authoritative international and regional organizations which aim at ensuring peace, security, mutual understanding and economic development in the world;


To monitor and observe the democratization process, human rights and freedoms, the process of consolidation of civil society, freedom of the media and expression;


To contribute to the efforts of the international community in the fight against terrorism, drug addiction, organized crime, human trafficking, crimes in the cyberspace and other transnational crimes;


To support the efforts aimed at nuclear disarmament and implementation of convention on interdiction of chemical and bacteriological weapons;


To support actively the programmes aimed at restoring "The Great Silk Road" transport corridor;


To support efforts aimed at ensuring energy security, including diversification of energy sources and routes of its transportation as well as researches on the alternative sources of energy development;


To work on the improvement of conditions for business activity and to provide support for individual and collective initiatives of enterprises, and companies participating directly in the process of economic cooperation development;


To promote the initiatives and actions aimed at improving and strengthening the partnership between representatives of business circles from the countries represented in the Association;


To use national and international resources in order to conduct research projects that will help to improve the economic, scientific, cultural and human ties;


To encourage tolerance and understanding, mutual respect, multiculturalism and dialogue among cultures/civilizations;


To converge the intellectual potential and possibilities of the Association’s participants in order to implement programs and projects aimed at achieving peace, security and wellness of nations and citizens;


To promote a healthy lifestyle;


To sustain the efforts aimed at environmental protection and development of international environmental standards and values;


To render consultancy and expertise services according to the legislation and provisions of the present Charter.