Black Sea NGO Forum 2010

In the period, 21 – 23 of October 2010, Roxana Raceu and Diana Ioana Calin, the BSCSIF experts, took part in the International Conference ELSEDIMA – “Environmental Legislation, Safety Engineering and Disaster Management”, hosted by the Faculty of Environmental Sciences of the University “Babes Bolyai”, Cluj Napoca.

The event was organized by the University Babes Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca (Faculty of Environmental Sciences), in collaboration with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, and The Initiative for Disaster Prevention in South – Eastern Europe.

The conference brought together experts and researchers in environmental protection, environmental law and disaster management.

The participants have listened to the reports regarding disaster management and according to the documents prepared in this area along with the SEVESO’s directives and research papers in the sphere of biodiversity conservation and biomonitoring.

Diana Ioana Călin, the member of the BSCSIF environmental department, presented a project realized within the University Babes Boliay, in collaboration with Mrs. Cristina Roşu, The project consisted of the evaluation of drinking water quality in the urban and rural areas of the village Aiud, Romania. The water quality is problematic in the Black Sea – Caspian Sea region, but the results of this monitoring were positive.

The environmental protection in such countries as Russia, Belgium or Romania plays an important role and one of the BSCSIF objectives is better understanding of the problems in this region and development ways of their solution.

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