BSCSIF and the African Delphic Games

On 22-28 July 2014 Ms. Valentina Albu, Coordinator of the Research Department of BSCSIF attended the Special Summit of the International Delphic Council that was held in East London, South Africa.

In 2013, HRH Zolani Mkiva became the representative of South Africa within the International Fund of the Black Sea and Caspian Sea, and his contribution to our activities is reflected in the award received from our Fund, in 2014. BSCSIF is looking forward to further strengthening the cultural and economic relations between South Africa and the countries from the Black Sea- Caspian Sea region.Since Mr. Zolani Mkiva is also the Chairman of the National Delphic Council of South Africa, and with the full support of the South African Government, he has brought to BSCSIF this incredible opportunity and challenge to help organize the 1st African Delphic Games, by bringing the cultures, traditions and innovations from the Black Sea- Caspian Sea region to South Africa in an international competition with outstanding artists and performances, within a unique venue in order to promote new economic markets, strengthen fundamental human values, contribute to intercultural exchange and understanding, provide support to international economic stability and peace.The Delphic Games which will be held on 22-29 November, 2014, in Durban South Africa, aim to be the single biggest marketing opportunity in Arts & Culture worldwide. Intolerance is globally increasing, thus a platform for peaceful dialogue is timely and arts and culture is the perfect vehicle for an exchange and education to develop the Self, the Artist and the Nation.

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