CHARITY PROJECT “Easter Caravan”

On the occasion of the Easter Holiday, the International Fund for Cooperation and Partnership of the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea (BSCSIF) set up the social project “Easter Caravan” aimed at helping over 200 children from poor families living in the districts 2 and 3 in Bucharest. The project was implemented in collaboration with the BSCSIF partners: theatre “Ion Creangă”, Cinema Hollywood Multiplex and Apshanu Group SRL.The project activity involved a festive event held on the 18th of April during which the children were given gifts containing sweets, juices and toys donated by Apshanu Group and enjoyed the performance offered by the theatre “Ion Creangă” (”The Food War”). The next day, the children were given the opportunity to watch the cartoon movie ”Happy Feet 2”, offered by Cinema Hollywood Multiplex in Mall Vitan.

The main goal of the project was to provide children from poor families a chance to enjoy the Easter Holiday by offering them gifts and moments of joy. During the project BSCSIF has contacted companies from Romania for fund/product raising, being a bridge between socio– economically disadvantaged persons and people willing to help.

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