Cooperation in Black Sea – Caspian Sea area in times of globalization. National perspectives

On October 25th, 2010 in Bucharest, ROMANIA, Black Sea Caspian Sea International Fund organized a panel entitled “Cooperation in Black Sea – Caspian Sea area in times of globalization. National perspectives” within the Conference “Towards enhancement of European energy supply: Azerbaijan in focus”. The main organizers of the conference were the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Romania and Azerbaijan – Romania Culture and Youth Association.

The panel intended to highlight the perspectives of some of the countries from the Black Sea – Caspian Sea region which face globalization trends, paying special attention to the related challenges and opportunities they encounter.At the same time, this region is of major interest for a significant number of Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian global actors, due to its high cultural and social heritage, as will as to the diversity and abundance of natural resources. The discussions provided the participants with the framework to share their views on issues such as energy, environment and cross-border cooperation.

Analysts from Romania, Russian Federation, Turkey and Azerbaijan discussed about aspects in the field of international relations in the era of globalization and upon the need of enhancing the regional dialog and building sustainable partnerships in the above-mentioned area. The key argument is that the dynamics of globalization exert great influence, both directly and indirectly, upon each country’s development and the relations between them. As no country can be safe from the exposure to different types of international crises nowadays, it was underlined that Black Sea – Caspian Sea countries’ performance in the framework of globalization is related to their bi- and multilateral cooperation, as well as to regional partnerships.

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