IFSPD helps families in need and young talents

On 1 September 2018 in Belgrade (Serbia) a meeting was held between IFSPD Secretary General and Vice-president Prof. Dr Eldar Hasanov and two families who live in harsh material conditions.

The Ristic family from Aleksinac (Serbia) raises five children in very difficult conditions in a rented house without heating or electricity. The head of the family, Sladzan Ristic, due to health problems, cannot find a permanent job, and he tries hard to provide the basic living and studying conditions for his children.

The Kanelic family – Mirela Kanelich, a single mother, and her daughter Antonela live in a rented apartment in Belgrade (Serbia). Antonela is a first-year student at the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Belgrade and at the same time she works to help her mother, who has no permanent job.

Given the difficult situation of these families, as well as the efforts of the IFSPD to fight poverty, at this meeting it was decided to provide monthly financial assistance to these families during one year.

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