IFSPD leadership attended the 16th Vienna Economic Forum

The 16th Vienna Economic Forum –under the motto „From Planned Economy to Market Economy – 30 Years after the Fall of the Iron Curtain“ took place in Novomatic Forum in Vienna on November 18 , 2019.

The VEF Secretary General, Ambassador Dr. Elena Kirtcheva, and the VEF President, DI Gunther Rabensteiner, addressed the participants and expressed their pleasure to welcome high-ranking decision makers from the areas of economy and politics from 34 countries of the region, Europe and world-wide to the 16th Vienna Economic Forum. On behalf of the International Foundation for Sustainable Peace and Development (IFSPD) the IFSPD President, Mrs. Biserka Jevtimijevic, and the IFSPD Vice-President, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Akkan Suver took part in the event.

During the Forum economic cooperation, perspectives and challenges, as well as infrastructure, digitalization and environmental issues were discussed. A particular attention was given to the One Road-One Belt project, which is one of the projects that is highly supported by our International Foundation. The prominent speakers from Austria, Serbia, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey and Bulgaria inspired the audience that responded with dynamic discussions.

Many processes that are common for the countries of the Western Balkans were reviewed and perspectives presented.

Vienna Economic Forum awarded „Country Partner of the Year 2019“ to the member country Republic of North Macedonia for the long-standing, excellent collaboration.

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