IFSPD Research Projects 2019

In 2019, IFSPD successfully implemented the following research projects:

1. IFSPD Thought Leadership – Global Sustainability Impact Index (under the management of Prof. Sangeeth Varghese, Ph.D.);

2. The Impact of Technology on Democracy in the 21st Century (under the management of Prof. Iulian Chifu, Ph.D.);

3. The Role of Civil Society in Developing Countries (under the management of Ms. Leonela Lenes);

4. The Role of Mass Media in the Development of Society (under the management of Mr. Seyran Mirzazada);

5. The Role of Public Diplomacy in the Modern World – an international expert conference (under the management of Prof. Zdravko Popov, Ph.D.);

6. The Role and Place of Modern Youth in the Dialogue between Civilizations (under the management of Ms. Sandra Bogunovic).

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