IFSPD Research Projects 2020



1. Post-COVID-19 World: Perspective and Changes (under the management of Prof. Iulian Chifu, Ph.D.);

2. The Economic and Financial Effects of the Pandemic (under the management of Prof. AntonGiulio de’ Robertis, Ph.D.);

3. Global Sustainability Impact Index 2020 (under the management of Prof. Sangeeth Varghese, Ph.D.);

4. World Demographic Crisis and Its Consequences (under the management of Mr. Seyran Mirzazada);

5. Digitalization and Civil Society. Evolutions Post-Coronavirus (under the management of Mr. Flavius Caba-Maria);

6. Gender, Peace and Security: 2000-2020 (under the management of Ms. Esma Sirbubalo);

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