Impact of UN SDGs on Sustainability

Tayyaba Fazal is a Master in Management Sciences – Finance and has worked on the project of writing an Article for IFSPD. The Topic of the article is “Impact of UN SDGs on Sustainability”. As we are aware that the United Nations has been working on different initiatives and launched projects in order to make the world a better place. That’s why she highlighted that aspect in her article and shed light on the contributions of the United Nations.

This Project for IFSPD explored different domains of 17 SDGs and spread awareness that how these SDGs are positively impacting the environment and bringing Peace. The main objective behind this is a global partnership and improving the sustainability of this planet and so far these goals have been achieved.

The data for this research was collected from a literature review, secondary sources, internet surfing, and previous knowledge. The start date of this Project was 9 August 2022 which ended on 9 September 2022.

This article has highly impacted a large audience all across the world, especially in South Asia, the issues of the sub-continent were highlighted and some strategies and suggestions were provided so that the governments can take the initiative to improve the condition of their country.

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