Inflation in Nigeria: Impacts on Tertiary Education and Solutions

The project was prepared by Joshua Akeredolu – a medical student from Obafemi Awolowo University who has developed a strong interest in Financial Economics.

About: The project launches as an essay-type. The essay addresses the effects of economic growth on the quality of education in Nigeria.

Specifics: Project EvolvE 1.1 treats the topic “Inflation in Nigeria: Impacts on Tertiary Education and Solutions”. In the essay, Inflation was discussed and the condition of the Nigerian Educational System was assessed. While conducting this project, Joshua Akeredolu carried out an online survey among 700 University students. He also used documents obtained from the Budget office of the federation-Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Impact: This project has enlightened Nigerian youths to think in the right direction toward understanding and acting on the condition of the Nation. Shortly after Joshua Akeredolu released his essay, youths on Twitter started having discussions in that area. The project has reached over 300 youths and continues to reach more youths in the Nation through the power of social media.

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