International Conference “Ecologic Performance into a Competitive Economy”

On November 11, 2010, BSCSIF participated in the 3rd session of the International Conference “Ecologic Performance into a Competitive Economy”, which took place in Bucharest, Romania. The event was organized by the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies (the Faculty of Agrifood and Environment Economics) in collaboration with: Moldovan Academy of Economic Studies, Romanian Academy, National Statistical Institute, Simone Cesaretti Foundation and CRENoS. On behalf of BSCSIF Ms. Natalia Ciobanu, adviser to BSCSIF vice-president and Ms. Diana Ioana Călin, environmental engineer, BSCSIF project manager, took part in the Conference.

The Conference created favorable atmosphere for researchers, academics and governmental representatives, businessmen and consultants, so they could share their experiences, projects and expectations, learning from each other.

Taking into consideration sustainable development, the increase of the ecological performances has become a priority for the economic activity. This conference has contributed to the rising of awareness of the activities involved in the environmental compliance and benefits of using eco-friendly technologies. Environmental policies and strategies, renewable energy, ecological agriculture, social responsibility and disaster management are only some of the subjects highlighted in the reports by the participants.

Through the subject of the Conference and the diversity of participants (in terms of geographical and professional backgrounds), this event has become a good premise for BSCSIF to interact and to establish future collaboration with Romanian specialists in one of its priority areas of interest – environmental protection.

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