International Conference on “Environment, Maritime Resources and Pollution”

On November 12th, 2009 in Istanbul, Turkey, BSCSIF and Marmara Foundation organized the International Conference on “Environment, Maritime Resources and Pollution”.

To the conference were invited heads of local governments, analysts, experts, university professors and representatives of research institutes from Romania, Russian Federation, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova, Kirghizstan Georgia.

Conference was held under the Chairmanship of Dr. Akkan Suver. Among the speakers were Prof. Dr. Tamaz Beradze from Georgia, Prof. Dr. Lidia Romanciuc and Prof. Dr. George Duca from Moldova, Instructor of Istanbul Technical University, H.E. Prof. Dr. Veysel Eroğlu, State Secretary of the Ministry of Regional Development and Housing of Romania – H.E. Razvan Murgeanu, Dr. Eng. Ercan Çitil and President of the First Academic Council of the Marmara Group Foundation and Former Minister of Public Works and Housing and Prof. Dr. Ahmet Samsunlu.

Among the topics addressed at this conference there were issues such as water and soil pollution, measures that can be taken to prevent and to combat pollution, risk assessment, awareness of these problems and how waste can be managed.

One particular focus was the removal of importance of Black Sea cooperation, international mechanisms created by coastal countries to ensure life in this area through education as a tool aimed at raising awareness of pollution, develop regional policy for sustainable regional development.

Besides presentations on the dangers facing the Black Sea ecosystem and population of those areas, hazards, caused by pollutants, The Strategy Action Plan (SAP) was also presented. It aims at ensuring a healthy living environment for people of those areas (both urban and rural), and protection of fauna and flora. Also outlined objectives are aimed at livelihoods based on sustainable activities, fishing, aquaculture, tourism in all the Black Sea countries.

Another topic discussed was about the Joint Operational Program “Black Sea, 2007-2013″, Opportunities and Challenges Created by the Black Sea Joint Operational Program “2007-2013″, Romanian contributions to the Initiatives in the Black Sea Basin. This approach presents the role of this program from the perspective adopted by Romania and possible solutions for a better functioning of the program and objectives proposed by participating in the program tail.

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