Meeting held between BSCSIF, ICSCEC and UNDP IICPSD – Istanbul International Center for Private Sector in Development

On 23 June 2014, BSCSIF representatives participated in a meeting with the Director of the UNDP Istanbul International Center for Private Sector in Development (IICPSD), Ms. Simona Marinescu and its colleagues.

The meeting, attended by Ms. Alev Balgi, Ms. Natalia Ciobanu and Mr. Farid Khalilov representing BSCSIF, aimed at identifying and developing potential joint projects that would be in line with the common priorities of the two organizations. BSCSIF Executive Director, Ms. Balgi, presented the areas in which the Fund has been active since its establishment, while Ms. Ciobanu shared the experience of some previously implemented projects, as well as the project being prepared jointly with UN Food and Agricultural Organization.

Ms. Marinescu in turn shared the experience of IICPSD I the region and underlined some identified common challenges for the private sector in the region. Hence the two organizations agreed to prepare a research project to look into the skill gaps, issues behind unemployment that lead to migration and creating local competitiveness in areas where extractive activities are being conducted.

UNDP IICPSD is a UN centre of excellence for how to engage the private sector in development and how to enhance its impact. It is a source of expertise on building the kinds of business models which are positive for new home-grown businesses and for creating more jobs and livelihoods, and has been opened and supported by UNDP with the Government of Turkey.

The collaboration between BSCSIF and IICPSD is in line with BSCSIF objectives to strengthen regional economic cooperation and to contribute to building sustainable livelihoods for local communities in the BSCSIF countries.

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