Meetings held between BSCSIF, ICSCEC and Universities

Between 2 and 23rd of June, BSCSIF and ICSCEC representatives Ms. Alev Balgi, Ms. Natalia Ciobanu and Mr. Farid Khalilov had a series of meetings with representatives of some of the most reputed universities in Turkey.

Meetings were held in turn with Prof. Dr. Gülay Barbarosoğlu, Rector of Boğaziçi University, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Sabri Çelik, Vice-Rector of Istanbul Technıcal Unıversity, and Prof. Dr. Ayşe Ayçiçeği Dınn, Chair of the Career Center of Istanbul University with the purpose to introduce BSCSIF and ICSCEC activities. University representatives welcomed the invitation to conduct common activities that would enhance both the opportunities for education and research within Universities, as well as to enlarge the BSCSIF pool of experts that would be engaged in joint activities and projects.

In follow up of these meetings bilateral partnerships will be established between BSCSIF and each of the universities, that will allow university professors and researchers to make use of their expertise in BSCSIF conferences and projects, and will give the students the chance to gain practical experience on project design and implementation in the Black Sea – Caspian Sea region.

These meetings were in line with BSCSIF efforts to create a bridge between academia in the BSCS region, and its objectives to strengthen regional cooperation at all levels, and its commitment to actively engage in the capacity building of the new generation of researchers focusing on BSCS regional issues.

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