National Conference on Environmental Law

On November 11, 2010, at the Ecological University of Bucharest, BSCSIF took part in the first “National Conference on Environmental Law” and the scientific session “The new codes in the evolution of Romanian law”, with the international participation of the Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences of the EUB. Specialists from universities and scientific research institutes of Romania, France, Spain, Brazil participated in the Conference, presenting different issues in the sphere of environmental law, on the national and international levels.

They highlighted the problems of climate change through the prism of evolution of the laws in this area, the effectiveness of Romanian judiciary and legal systems, guaranteeing the right for a healthy and ecologically balanced environment, considerations about the criminal liability for environment damage, long-term development challenges and many other topics of European and non-European interests.

A very important aspect for the Black Sea area was the reform of the common fishery policy and its application to the Black Sea, that is considered to be a serious problem for all the countries of the region. Conclusions of the presentation and discussions on this subject are the absolute necessity of the common policy on the EU level, in terms of fishery legislation and strong enforcement of these rules in order to avoid environmental damage and, in particular, of the water.

Regarding the evolution of new codes in Romanian system of private law, the changes brought by the new Civil Code, respectively, by the Code of Civil Procedure, have been discussed.

For BSCSIF, this Conference was an opportunity to get in touch with specialists in environmental law and Romanian private law, and to take part in the academic debates on very important issues.

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