On the 10-12th of April, the 8th Session of the Board of Directors of the International Fund for Cooperation and Partnership of the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea was held in Istanbul, Turkey.

During the Board Meeting very actual issues have been discussed related to the objectives of the Fund, with particular emphasis on the strengthening of the economic cooperation of the BSCSIF member countries including the development of relations with business partners and encouraging individual initiatives, providing support and assistance in the expansion of the entrepreneurial activity in the Black sea – Caspian sea region, developing business projects, presentations and organizing meetings with public structures and private sector.  In this regard, new promising projects and proposals were presented by the Commission of Innovations and Investments, and among them the creation of a multi-purpose interactive platform in the countries of the region in order to centralize all existing opportunities for cooperation in the Black sea – Caspian sea region into a single database that will facilitate the implementation of the above-mentioned objectives.

Along with the discussion of economic issues, during the Board Meeting it was unanimously decided to accept the representatives of three new countries in the quality of members of the Board of Directors: Mr Vitalie Buzdugan (Belarus), Ms Ms Cenita Özgüner (the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Mr Ilija Kazic (Montenegro). Also it was decided to withdraw duties from Mr. Darko Tanaskovich, representing the Republic of Serbia and assign Ms Mirjana Prljevic as a member of the BSCSIF Board of Directors.

Within the Session new project ideas and present projects under implementation in the areas of economy, civil society, environmental protection and conflict studying were presented to the attention of the Board members. Following the example of the headquarters, it was decided to form the project team in every BSCSIF country, in order to collaborate and realize joint projects.

At the same period the 15th Eurasian Economic Summit was held in Istanbul under the auspices of the Marmara Group Foundation that was taking an active part within the BSCSIF Board Meeting.

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