Statement of the International Foundation for Sustainable Peace and Development (IFSPD) on the situation in the Persian Gulf

The International Foundation for Sustainable Peace and Development (IFSPD) continues to closely follow the occurrences in the Middle East, including the situation in the Persian Gulf.

Unfortunately, this region has been under domestic and international conflicts for many years.

The emergence of yet another hotbed of tension, caused by the blockade of Qatar, does not serve the interests of ensuring regional security. Moreover, the blockade may damage the economy of the countries involved in the Qatar crisis.

IFSPD believes that the concerns and disagreements of the countries of the Persian Gulf can and should be solved through an open dialogue, in the spirit of mutual respect and in the interests of development, which resonate with all of the region’s countries.

Mutual accusations of supporting terrorism do not contribute to a successful fight against this evil. It is necessary to overcome the differences in the notion of terrorism, to ensure the unity of the goals and actions of all countries in the region for the prevention and eradication of terrorism.

IFSPD hopes that the international community, including prestigious international organizations such as the UN, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Council of Cooperation for the Arab States of the Persian Gulf, will actively carry out mediation work to normalize the situation around Qatar and the disagreements between the countries of the region will be lifted. This will allow us to concentrate on resolving other pressing problems of the Middle East.

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