Statement on combating international terrorism

International Fund for Cooperation and Partnership of the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea (International Fund) resolutely condemns any forms and manifestations of terrorism, regardless of whenever, wherever and by whomsoever they are committed, and underlines that terrorism can not and should not be associated with any religion, nationality and civilization.

The International Fund expresses its deep alarm with regard to the threats stemming from terrorist fighters, inter alia, in the context of the armed conflicts in theMiddle East, and their terrorist organizations.

There is no doubt that terrorists make the conflicts in theMiddle Eastmore difficult to resolve, and pose threats not only to the states on the territory of which they operate, but also to the states neighboring these territories. A heavy burden exists also for such states in humanitarian field.

With a sense of particular anxiety the International Fund recalls thatTurkey, as one of the co-founders of the International Fund, continues to suffer serious threats to its security due to the common borders it has both withSyriaandIraq. It should be noted in this regard thatTurkeyhas so far hosted more than 1.5 million innocent Syrian refugees. Only in September of 2014, more that 140 000 Syrian Kurdish refugees and 70 000 Yazidis fromIraq, fleeing Islamic State inIraqand the Levante (ISIL), found shelter inTurkey.

Turkey, seriously suffering for many years from acts of the terrorist organizations ASALA and PKK, is very well conscious of the pain that terrorism causes, and has always been in the forefront of combat against this plague for whole mankind.

Being the stronghold against spread of radicalism,Turkeytoday as never before is in need of more proactive support of the international community, including the EU, NATO and Organization of Islamic Cooperation, in combat against terrorism.

The International Fund also condemns the breach of public order and acts of vandalism against public and private property which took place in October,2014, inTurkeyin the course of protests in connection with the assault of terrorists on the Syrian city ofKobani.

The International Fund states that while terrorist fighters act more aggressively, destructively and monstrously, and terrorism becomes more diffuse, it constitutes the challenge for the whole mankind. It is not possible to overcome this  evil, be it in theMiddle Eastor any other part of the globe, singly and using only the military power.

Naturally, there is a need to unit efforts of the whole international community to realistically counter terrorism. Also, in a combat against terrorism particular focus should be made on addressing its root causes. Meanwhile, it should not be allowed to exploit the events in theMiddle Eastfor Islamophobic purposes.

Stressing the importance of respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity of all UN Member States and implementation of the UN Security Council Resolution 2178 dated 24 September, 2014, the International Fund calls upon the international community to undertake urgent and instant effective measures for prevention of terrorism, occupation and vandalism in the region, which faces security threats, coming from terrorist fighters, and humanitarian catastrophe.

From its own side, the International Fund expresses its readiness to contribute further to the international efforts in combating terrorism, including through its research projects and activities on interfaith dialogue.

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