The 4th International Black Sea Development Congress, Regional Development Plan for the Eastern Black Sea Region, Regional Development Plans Symposium, October 31 – November 1, 2012, Rize, Turkey

The 4th International Black Sea Development Congress, DOKAP (Regional Development Plan for the Eastern Black Sea Region) and Regional Development Plans Symposium have been held in Rize between 31 October and 01 November.

Many politicians, bureaucrats, scientists, members of non-governmental organizations and media representatives have attended the Symposium, which was organized by the Association to Conserve Properties of the Black Sea Region (KÖK), founded and headed by former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Murat Karayalçın, and whose mission is “preserving, improving and enriching the cultural values of the provinces of the Black Sea Region, dealing with the economic progress of these provinces entirely, contributing to levelly achieving this matter with the country development, preserving the natural wealth of these provinces, benefiting from the power of people who were raised in the Black Sea Region and succeeded in various areas, promoting relations with other Black Sea Countries for sake of the region and carrying out the joint works”.

On behalf of our organization, Secretary General Tuğrul Veli participated in the Symposium and presented his paper entitled “ Development Goals in the International Arena, Experiences and DOKAP Example”.

In the Symposium, deliberations about the other issues of the regions and the solutions have been conducted with the participants and the ideas have been exchanged.

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