The Balkan branch of BSCSIF finalized the first research project on the topic “The issue of strengthening bridges of trust among the youth of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia as a condition for regional stability”

At present young people play an essential role in the approximation, reconciliation and strengthening of ties between the peoples of the region. The aim of the study is to examine the views and opinions of young people on the topic of post-conflict reconciliation and tolerance among the peoples of the above-mentioned Balkan countries, to facilitate lasting peace and sustainable development in the region and enhance the role of mutual trust in the Balkan societies under the current circumstances.

The goal of the project was achieved primarly due to the diligent work of the experts: Natalia Popescu, Kirill Borschev and Lubichich Maria. The well-known researchers, scholars and analysts from the region also considerably contributed to the overall outcomes of the research paper.

Within the given study the following actions have been taken by the project experts:

– assessment of the “factor of trust” among young people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia in the current conditions;

– definition of main directions in creating trust-building measures among the young generation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia,

– submission of recommendations for strengthening trust among the peoples of the region.

The research project, written in Russian and English languages, contains the basic statistics and recommendations on applicable measures for achieving the interethnic consent and cooperation among peoples of the region and building confidence among young people at the national and regional levels.

This project brings its especial value through the views and opinions of young people interviewed on the ground, their analysis and recommendations provided in the research.

This reserach paper is of particular importance for the countries of the Balkan region, taking into account the fact that it aims to promote peace, dialogue and cooperation between young people living within the region, which is in line with the main objectives of the BSCSIF, being another step ahead on its way of becoming one of the leading think tanks in the Black sea – Caspian sea and Balkan regions.

The outcomes of the research have been dessiminated among all the members and partners of the BSCSIF, as well as among the most influential regional and international organizations, like the United Nations, Council of Europe, OSCE, European Policy Center, OIC etc.

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