The New NATO Strategic Concept – Perspectives and Opportunities

Black Sea Caspian Sea International Fund participated at the round-table “The New NATO Strategic Concept – Perspectives and Opportunities”, organized by the European Institute in Romania, on October 29th, 2010.

The round-table was organized taking into consideration the debates raised upon the elaboration and adoption of the New NATO Strategic Concept (NSC). The efficiency and credibility of the NSC greatly depend on the way some fundamental issues are resolved. Thus, a balance must be set between the disarming – deterrence objectives and the actual security threats expressed by some of the allies, the political dialogue with Russia must be resuscitated and the approaches of the relations with the emergent great powers (especially China) must be revised.

The aim of the event was to provide a debate framework for the participants, to present the Working Paper on the topic, written by a team of the Institute researchers, and to offer a series of suggestions for the Conferences that will take place on November 19th-20th, 2010, when the New Strategic Concept is to be adopted.

The event started with the remarks and speeches of Gabriela Drăgan, General Director of the European Institute in Romania and Constantin Moştoflei, Director at the Centre for Security and Strategic Defence Studies of the National Defence University “Carol I”.

It continued with interventions from several experts: Paul Ionescu, Expert in security and defence issues, consultant al the Romanian Parliament, Liviu Mureşan, President of EURISC, Narciz Bălăşoiu, Researcher at the Early Warning Centre for Conflict Prevention and Şerban F. Cioculescu, Researcher at the Institute for Political Defence Studies and Military History.

Taking into consideration the implications that a New NATO Strategic Concept would have in the Black Sea Caspian Sea region, and the fact that it is also in our Fund’s main objectives to contribute to the integrated development of the area, to conserve regional peace and strengthen the cooperation between the peoples in the region, BSCSIF is an active participant in all the activities of such type.

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