The Project “Romania – Turkey. Partnership for Democracy”

The youth democracy project “Romania – Turkey. Partnership for Democracy” took place in Constanţa, Romania, from 1st February – 31st May 2011. One of the aims of this project is to improve cooperation between young participants from Romania and Turkey. Following the planned reunion, the 30 participants from the two above mentioned countries, aged 18-25, as well as, long- term, the youth in the two states in general, will be able to develop a higher level of understanding and ability to apply both the main institutional mechanisms encountered in the EU, and the democratic principles these are founded on.

In addition, reuniting young people of various cultural origins, organizing intercultural evenings that present the specificities of the two, and subjecting themes such as “World Poverty”, “World Economic Crisis” to debate will contribute to a substantial increase in the degree of common understanding, knowledge and cooperation between the members of the group. The actual period for the project is 2th -8th May 2011, during which all planned activities will take place. The promotion of the event and the selection of the participants through an essays’ competition (on the topic “EU participative democracy”) prepare the unfolding of the main session.

The simulation of an EU Council of Ministers’ reunion is an actual series of combined events, such as round tables, debates, cultural evenings, and meetings with national and European representatives. After the event, participants will be able to increase the number of young people, as well as, indirectly and through active, consequent dissemination, the number of NGOs that share a higher degree of understanding of the EU democracy and the policy making process.

The special guests, representatives, teachers and promoters involved in the project contribute to the development and better understanding of the proposed topics as well as to the image of the event organised with the support of the Youth in Action Programme.

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