The role of Youths in Peacebuilding and sustainable development

Etape Ngole a Masters's degree holder in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Buea in Cameroon. He worked on the project “The role of Youths in Peacebuilding and sustainable development".

This project was intended to empower young people with skills in both rural and urban areas of the South West region, which has been hit hard by the Anglophone civil arm conflict in Cameroon. Areas covered were peace, leadership, entrepreneurship, governance, and education. The project is timely as Cameroon is currently facing 5 years of civil conflict in two English-speaking parts. Hundreds of thousands of Cameroonians have died and hundreds of others have become internally displaced. This project aims to equip other young people with the skills to become ambassadors for peace and development and spread the importance of peace and development in communities.

About 200 young people from both urban and rural areas of my community participated in a three-day offline workshop in urban and rural areas of the conflict-affected region. The workshop started on July 05 and ended on August 02, 2022.

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