Community Literacy (Material Collection & Sharing) Project

Xolani Sydwel Mnisi is a youth from the Republic of South Africa, an academic graduate possessing a public administration diploma as a graduate of the National School of Government. He worked on a project:

“Community Literacy (Material Collection & Sharing) Project”.

About Project:

1. The “A Book-a-person” initiative is an innovative strategy to promote literacy among vulnerable communities by equipping them with relevant, useful resources regarding various literary genres and concepts. Through this initiative, they aim to empower their recipients with a path to a a better understanding of the world around them as well as increase their capacity for self-awareness through reading.

2. Reader-leadership (newspaper collection & distribution): The nature of such initiative is structured upon literacy management practices with the motive to award great attention to empowerment & promotion towards literature standards & tolerance within the community’s youth residents’
interest-especially in local & national affairs.

3. Open Library session (world book day “Read a book a Day”) initiative:
Inspired by the “World Book Day” campaign…such an initiative embarked presence to advocate & articulated the imperative requirement of reading.

4. Education (research-paper-knowledge documentation publication): This advocacy-owned entitlement upon promoting literacy standards, and dimensions & principles. Herewith global organizations drafted research papers content & documentation forms: research & informative dimension genres ranging from social, economic, environmental, and technological spheres were produced & circulated.

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